Hair Dye Tips

To cover gray hairs, as a sign of rebellion or self-expression and sometimes just because we can Humans have always and will always dye their hair. The world of hair dyes has seen many transformations over the last few years especially as safety issues over chemicals in beauty products have been scrutinised. Just because we cannot see or feel an immediate reaction it doesn’t mean we are not being harmed by some chemicals. When researching this article i cam across an interesting quote “When you use chemicals near or on your body, you are essentially performing a science experiment on yourself. The results of which you will never know”.

What can you do though If you do colour your hair or are planning to?

Elainafrika knows how to rock vibrant hair

Elainafrika knows how to rock vibrant hair


1) See a Pro!

Use a professional colourist, preferably in the same salon as your regular stylist. Remember healthy hair is a result of team work so everyone touching your hair should understand your hair goals. They should also offer a patch test to check for skin sensitivity or allergic reactions. Pink hair is cool as long as you are not left looking like you been through some sort of battle!

2) Research Your Chosen Product Well!

Whilst researching this article I came across so many interesting opinions and experiences regarding the use of “safe hair dyes” like Henna and vegetable dyes. So I won’t recommend any product but rather encourage you to really try to understand what is in the dye you choose. There are reports of certain chemicals being linked to infertility and cancer so if you choose permanent colours DO YOUR RESEARCH. Avoid products containing Resorcinol, Ammonia and Parabens. That’s why I think it’s always best if you can afford it to go to a professional. They will hopefully be well informed about available options and take your hairs needs into account.

3) Do A Hair Health Check!

The colouring process isn’t kind to your hair so before you dye your hair ensure its in a good enough condition. Dyeing hair strips it of its natural oils and can leave your tresses dry. Not great news for curly hair so iff your hair is not in great shape,nurse it back to health first and save the dye for another time. If your hair is healthy then prepare it well to withstand dyeing.Deep condition your hair at least twice before the colour process though truthfully, how much pre-colour deep conditioning you carry out will depend on an honest assessment of your hair.

4) Temporary Colours!

Spray on hair-dyes, hair chalk and even hyper pigmented eyeshadow will dye your curls. Just remember results will vary however, but this will be the least damaging to your hair. The plus side is you can have a different coloured hair every few days. (If you’re  up for that ☺️)

5) Aftercare!

Keep to a good routine of moisturising your hair but avoid washing it too soon after the colour process. This will keep the colour looking good for longer. Keep that spray bottle close by and seal with a trusted hair oil or butter. Follow the advice provided by the salon.

I realise this post is geared towards getting your hair dyed by a professional colourist. If you’d rather do it yourself I will be putting up a DIY tips post later in the week. Do you have dyed hair? How do you look after it? Would love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by till next time Happy Hair Loving

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How to protect your curls from sun damage


So summer is well and truly underway (some days anyway) or you are heading off to warmer climes with guaranteed sunshine. Yippee! I’m sure you are all packed (or almost) and you are counting down the days to your well deserved holiday.

Whilst the summer is full of outdoor activities, think music and other types of festivals, Wimbledon, and a host of other sports. Not to mention picnics and barbecues and lots of delicious fruit and veg have you thought about what the sun exposure may be doing to your hair?

The sun is great BUT it dries everything! For curly hair (Afro  Hair IS curly hair) this is not great news purely because the curls make it difficult for your scalp oils to travel down the hair shaft. This means that  naturalistas have to constantly ensure their hair is well moisturised even without adding the suns heat into the mix. The suns heat whilst pleasant is not hair friendly and has bleaching properties and so could leave your hair looking burnt and feeling crunchy.

Top Tips

Water Water Water

Drink the stuff and don’t forget to spray/mist your hair a lot more in hot weather. Not only will your skin thank you but you will maintain a good level of hair growth. Remember if you are dehydrated your body’s functions are compromised. Meaning your hair and nails will be nourished last! Drink up lovelies (And no, cocktails don’t count) and give children plenty of water laden fruit and veg. Think watermelon,cucumber strawberries the list is endless.

Wear a hat

You don’t want your lovely curls getting scorched do you? If you are not a hat person try bandanas or a funky scarf. Ideally a silk one. There is no right way to rock a head wrap so own it and rock it how you feel it!


Whether in the sea or the pool, dampen your hair first ,then apply leave in conditioner or a natural oil of your choice and wear a swimming cap. For children I recommend spraying the hair with water or even wetting it and applying an oil to seal and not stressing if they don’t keep the swimming cap on. The hair cuticles will have swollen due to the clean water before they hit the pool or sea water so it won’t absorb much. Shampoo thoroughly and rinse well and condition well after swimming session.

Deep Condition

Increase your deep conditioning treatments to ensure hair strands have good levels of moisture. Remember any damage you sustain now may become visible in a few months time and we will have other weather induced hair-related issues come October right? So step up your conditioner routine by looking for products that say Replenishing,Hydrating or Moisturising. Also use a leave-in conditioner for extra conditioning and frizz-taming. Lastly remember to spray spray spray with that water bottle.

Low Manipulation styles

If you spent winter in protective styles you no doubt want to just enjoy your hair and leave it out right? That’s a great thing however if your hair is longer than 6inches( about shoulder length) then consider having styles that keep your ends tucked away…. Think up-dos,loose buns or flat twist. Your ends are the oldest part of your hair strands so limit their exposure to the sun.

This is not an exhaustive list but hopefully it will get you thinking about protecting your precious curls whilst enjoying the pleasantness of summer. Do let me know what you do to care for your curls. Any  tips or questions please do leave your comments below.Till next time Happy Hair Loving!