Benefits of Argan Oil


Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree which grows in Morocco. Since it is rich in vitamin E and other fatty acids it is extremely useful to our hair and skin.

As a skin mousturiser it hydrates and softens skin (including your heels, if they are prone to cracking. Apply it and wear cotton socks overnight and voila! Supple heels are yours) particularly damp skin. Use sparingly as genuine Argan oil is very rich. 1-2 drops at a time is fine. It also works as a lip balm, anti-aging treatment, stretch mark controller , insect bite healer and on and on it goes.

Onto the Hair Benefits:
1)Use as a  leave-in conditioner
If used in the correct quantity Argan oil absorbs easily into the hair. Using a few drops of the oil in your palms rub between your palms and comb your hands and fingers through your damp hair. (For long afro/curly hair do this whilst your hair is in sections) Massage the oil into your scalp and obviously the oldest part of your tresses, the ends/tips. This will keep your scalp happy promoting hairgrowth and your ends frim splitting

2) As a Shampoo
Whaaat? I hear you scream. The stuff is expensive so unless money is no object adding pure argan oil to your regular shampoo will help prevent your scalp and curls from being stripped of your natural oils. (sodium lauryl and laureth sulphates are big culprits of this especially if you have curly hair.) Just a reminder that Afro hair IS curly hair.

3) Hair Mask /Deep Conditioner
Dampen your hair, apply argan oil and leave overnight or as long as you can before shampooing. Use more oil for this treatment to allow as many nutrients as possible to be absorbed. Massage into scalp,hair and ends and pop a showercap on. 

Since pure Argan oil is pricey, it may be worthwhile to try products with Argan oil and see if they work for you before investing in pure oil. (If you like to travel you may consider Morocco as your next holiday destination. The oil is cheaper there)  I will be giving away a healthy hair kit with Argan Oil direct from Morroco via my instagram page afrotility on the 2nd of November 2015 so check out the rules. Who knows you may nab yourself some pure Argan Oil. Till next time Happy hair loving


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