Five ways to keep your curls safe in the cold!



Its freeeezing! While the cold weather means indulgent hot drinks, snuggly coats and me wondering why no-one has invented electric shoes (or do I just not know abut it?) its also time to give our curls extra pampering. Between the cold outdoors, the heating indoors and the hats we wear the stress on our curly strands can lead to dryness and split ends. Hopefully those of you you have done our consultation classes have your protective styles in place and your hair is thriving. Here are 5 quick tips to help you during the unexpected cold snap visiting the UK.

Avoid Damp Hair When Heading Outdoors

Usually its best to keep our curls hydrated and spraying  your hair each morning is something I recommend. However going outdoors in this cold weather with wet or damp hair is going to damage your strands. Spray your hair when you get home at the end of the day.

Satin or Silk Lined Hats

Wearing a silk or satin scarf or bonnet between your strands and hat will not only reduce friction. It will trap body heat creating a mini sauna for your hair which will be a more natural way of keeping your curls moisturised.

grey beret

Apply An Oil Rich Moisturiser

Applying an oil rich moisturiser will slow down the evaporation of moisture from your strands. Go easy on the amount though and stick to liquid oils or handmade butters like this shea-rich one with rosemary to stimulate hair growth.

melt coconut oil first and use sparingly


Deep Conditioning

For anyone whose hair is not in some form of braided style or tucked away under a wig or weave, you will definitely need to schedule in a deep conditioning session for your curls this week. At least half an hour to replenish the moisture levels in your strands will help combat the dryness the weather will cause.

Stay Hydrated

Yes, yes, I know. Drinking water when its cold means frequent loo trips. However, as I type this it is snowing so the heating in most places will be turned up a notch. This is drying particularly to the scalp. An unhappy scalp means unhappy hair. Unhappy hair means a less than happy, slightly frustrated you. So take regular sips of water or your beverage of choice.


There you have it 5 quick tips that will keep your hair happy despite the ravages of winter. What have you been doing to protect your hair? Leave a comment and inspire others.

Till next time happy hair loving xoxo


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