What to consider doing to your hair for spring!

Spring has sprung (well almost) and it means we can retire our hats boots and scarves real soon. Now is also the best time to make some changes to your curls. Why? well because summer is coming soon (once the snow leaves) and hair tends to grow faster when its warmer!

Bold New Look

That means there is enough time to start afresh and embrace the bald look by going for the big chop like Tamar Braxton did. That way you have enough time to be cute and bald whilst benefiting from accelerated hair growth. If you decide it’s not for you, by September you could potentially have grown back about 3 inches of hair. Here’s hoping you embrace positive hair practises and it will be nothing but healthy hair growing back.



Hair Spa Treatment

Okay so maybe your hair is not crying out for a “chop and start again” and you are not inspired by Miss Braxton’s chic new look. What then? Well, for a start have you given your hair a spa treatment on account of the crazy harsh winter weather it has endured since who remembers when the cold started? Protein masks, Moisture Masks, Hot Oil treatments or Clay will all help to deposit keratin, supply extra moisture and deposit useful minerals onto your tresses.Definitely schedule in time for a replenishing treatment for your hair based on its current needs.


Rock Your Crown

It is now officially (well after the snow leaves and the sun hangs around longer) safer to rock your natural in it’s Afro state. From it’s teeny weeny to its big and bouncy just embrace it. Because the warmer weather will encourage faster growth make an effort to really get to know your hair. A word of caution though, all the same care rules still apply. I’m not giving anyone license to damage their hair. Below I’ve included images to show you that regardless of length its time to just set that Afro free. What will you be doing first? Tag us on Instagram if you do something new with your hair using #freemyfro. Till next time Happy Hair Loving xoxo

IMG-20180227-WA0010 (1)IMG-20170419-WA0003selfie-774399_640big Afro

image courtesy #tamarbraxtoninstagram


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