biotin rich foods for healthy hair


The word “biotin” comes from the ancient Greek word “biotos,” which means “life” or “sustenance.” B vitamins, and specifically biotin, help keep your skin, hair, eyes, liver, and nervous system healthy.


Biotin is one of the B complex vitamins that help the body convert food into energy. It acts as a co-enzyme in the body which is  needed for the metabolism of fatty acids, amino acids and glucose. So when we eat foods that are sources of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, vitamin B7 — biotin — must be present in order to convert and use these macro-nutrients for energy to carry out physical activities and for proper psychological function.

Biotin plays a major part in maintaining the health of our hair, nails and skin so it is commonly added to hair and skin beauty products.  However,  the effectiveness of this is questionable because it is not absorbed very well through the skin and must actually be ingested to be fully beneficial. So eat your nutrients and your hair will thank you!



In a comparative study of 23 types of cheese, it was found that Camembert cheese and blue cheese were among the most biotin-rich. Even if blue cheese is not your thing Yogurt, milk and regular cheddar are still good sources of biotin.



Cucumber, cauliflower, cabbage , swiss chard, spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, onions and brussel sprouts are all easily to prepare and easily available sources.


Nuts and Nut Butters

Nuts and nut-based butters such as peanut butter are high in nutrients, fibre, protein, biotin and vitamin E. Almonds are particularly great for a healthy scalp and hair. Black-eyed peas and kidney beans, edamame and lentils make great snacks and are packed with vitamins and minerals including biotin.


 Meat, Fish and Eggs

Oily fish such as salmon, herring, sardines, trout, halibut and tuna are good sources of biotin.While chicken and liver and other organ meats as well as turkey and red meat are particularly high in this nutrient. The better the quality of your meat the better the effects on your body and ultimately your hair. Then we all know that eggs are the “holy grail” of biotin. As such they deserve their own dedicated post.



Bananas and particularly berries are a fantastic easy to carry snack that will nourish your body even when you are on the go. Combine your berries with yogurt and oats for an intense biotin fix.



There you have it, a list of foods to help you achieve and maintain healthy, luscious locks. Do let us know which food are your favourites or indeed what you will be adding to your diet on your hair journey. Till next time


Happy Hair Loving


We have a New Online Home!


big Afro

we are here to take you from teeny-weeny Afro to big bouncy Afro

We have been away for a bit but we are back now. You know if you have visited this blog before that I have a passion for healthy curly hair (Afro hair is curly hair).  As a hair-stylist I am privileged to work with lots of different types of hair textures and different ages of clients. This is a serious responsibility because hair is very integral to how individuals feel about themselves. Sadly, I encounter a lot of  avoidable hair damage and as I listened to client stories and remembered my own negative hair experiences I decided I simply needed more answers to the following:

  • Why do so many Curly haired women dislike their hair?
  • Why do we have such little understanding of our hair?
  • Why do we expect our hair to behave like straight hair?
  • Why are we happy to keep paying for hair damage?
  • Why, Why, Why is there so much negative language used towards curly hair?

A lot of these idiosyncrasies have to do with issues way older than Our Mothers generation. However, we can and we are able to correct what we feel and what we do about our hair especially with the next generation. There has been a positive change towards curly hair in the last few years, but more needs to be done.The best way Afrotility can make a difference is to offer our clients the following:

  • Hair Love, Acceptance and Enjoyment
  •  Understanding of their particular hair
  • Knowledge of what to require from anyone they allow to style their hair
  • How to properly care for their hair in a fuss-free, cost-effective manner.


Curl Talk

let us take you to your hair happy ever-after

In order to do this well, a study of  Trichology was in order, to better understand Hair, scalp disorders , hair loss  causes and solutions,  and alopecia. Along with the training received from world of braiding and extensions, my team and I are able create a personalised service that helps, curly-haired individuals or their Grown-ups to love their hair and enjoy it too. Check out our new online home at and drop us your comments below. We would love to hear your thoughts. Till next time…….               Happy Hair Loving!

Exercising for healthy hair!

Did you know that one of the secrets to healthier hair apart from correct styling and manipulation techniques, eating healthy and being well hydrated  is Exercise!

Just how does exercise affect Hair Growth?

Exercising  increases blood flow to our muscles, skin and scalp. The increased blood flow brings with it more nutrients and more oxygen. This provides nourishment to the hair roots, and thereby promoting healthy hair growth.

When you are stressed, your body produces stress hormones (cortisone), which affects the entire body, including the hair follicles. Stress hormone causes hair follicles to stop growing, which can result in hair thinning or hair loss.  Exercising increases the serotonin levels (the happiness hormone) in the body. High levels of serotonin can help improve the way we deal with stress, and lower the presence of the cortisone hormone in the body. Regular exercise promotes hair growth and keeps you glowing. The effects of exercise are not just limited to hair, but your whole being will feel happy and healthy.

Moderate to high level cardio like brisk walking, running, cycling, dancing, zumba, yoga, or any sport is good for your body and hair.  So get moving people. Start small and gradually increase the intensity and frequency of your chosen exercises. You dont need tonnes of time or fancy equipment to get your body pumping out those feel good hormones.  Exercise because you want to not because you have to. Focus on the increased energy and happiness you feel.


Whilst many of us are inspired by celebrity hair and hairstyles we do not want to put in the hard work and pay the prices they do. Celebrities have strict exercise and diet regimes often paying to look the way they do. We need to grasp that no-one will hand us healthy hair on a plate. Action and sacrifice are involved.

However, it is extremely important to have realistic expectations of your own hair and image.  What we tend to forget   is every individual has their own genetic makeup, hormones, and hair texture. Yet, regardless of these variations, healthy hair always looks great. And that should be your ultimate goal.

Will you increase your exercise now you have reason to? If you have successfully imcorporated exercise into your hair journey have you noticed any differences? Do share your thoughts comments and questions. Till next time happy hair loving!


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Benefits of Argan Oil


Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree which grows in Morocco. Since it is rich in vitamin E and other fatty acids it is extremely useful to our hair and skin.

As a skin mousturiser it hydrates and softens skin (including your heels, if they are prone to cracking. Apply it and wear cotton socks overnight and voila! Supple heels are yours) particularly damp skin. Use sparingly as genuine Argan oil is very rich. 1-2 drops at a time is fine. It also works as a lip balm, anti-aging treatment, stretch mark controller , insect bite healer and on and on it goes.

Onto the Hair Benefits:
1)Use as a  leave-in conditioner
If used in the correct quantity Argan oil absorbs easily into the hair. Using a few drops of the oil in your palms rub between your palms and comb your hands and fingers through your damp hair. (For long afro/curly hair do this whilst your hair is in sections) Massage the oil into your scalp and obviously the oldest part of your tresses, the ends/tips. This will keep your scalp happy promoting hairgrowth and your ends frim splitting

2) As a Shampoo
Whaaat? I hear you scream. The stuff is expensive so unless money is no object adding pure argan oil to your regular shampoo will help prevent your scalp and curls from being stripped of your natural oils. (sodium lauryl and laureth sulphates are big culprits of this especially if you have curly hair.) Just a reminder that Afro hair IS curly hair.

3) Hair Mask /Deep Conditioner
Dampen your hair, apply argan oil and leave overnight or as long as you can before shampooing. Use more oil for this treatment to allow as many nutrients as possible to be absorbed. Massage into scalp,hair and ends and pop a showercap on. 

Since pure Argan oil is pricey, it may be worthwhile to try products with Argan oil and see if they work for you before investing in pure oil. (If you like to travel you may consider Morocco as your next holiday destination. The oil is cheaper there)  I will be giving away a healthy hair kit with Argan Oil direct from Morroco via my instagram page afrotility on the 2nd of November 2015 so check out the rules. Who knows you may nab yourself some pure Argan Oil. Till next time Happy hair loving


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